Our next litter of pups is planned for early 2019.

     Deposits will be accepted after the breeding occurs and the pregnancy has been confirmed by x ray and/or ultrasound.  We match our pups with prospective owners and place the puppies when they are eight to ten weeks old.  We reserve the right to retain any pup from the litter.  Payment of a deposit does not guarantee a puppy.  If a suitable puppy is not available, the deposit will be returned.

These photos are from the Aux Lake Z litter, which we whelped here in Wyoming in October of 2016.

Early Neurological Stimulation

    In order to take advantage of the rapid neurological development which occurs early in a pup's life, five early neurological stimulation exercises were performed on each puppy from day 4 through day 16 of life.  The exercises were: 1. tactile (q tip between toes); 2. head erect; 3. head down; 4. pup held on back; 5. thermal (pup on cold washcloth.)  The benefits of ENS include: 1. improved cardio vascular performance; 2. stronger heart beats; 3. stronger adrenal glands; 4. more tolerance to stress; and 5. greater resistance to disease.

     If you are interested in learning more about early neurological stimulation, read the complete article on ENS at www.breedingbetterdogs.com.

Puppy Culture!

December 12, 2018 - CH Aux Lake Jessie Jones JH NA-II was bred last week to CH GCH Switchgrass Fire on the Mountain JH CGC last week.  We are thrilled at the prospect of a litter from Jessie and Flint!  Counting down the days until we can take Jessie for her ultrasound to confirm pregnancy!  If there are babies on board, they will arrive around February 1, 2019!

     Puppy Culture focuses on taking advantage of the critical developmental periods of a puppy's early life to raise the puppy to be a confident enrichment seeker, prepared for life's challenges.  Facing challenges such as a barrier exercise, where pups have to climb out of their puppy pen in order to get to their food dish, prepares pups for future challenges. Rather than jumping up for attention, pups learned they would be rewarded with attention when they sat - which is called "manding."  No commands are given in these exercise - the puppies learn to offer these behaviors.  Pups were encouraged to walk on the miniature dog walk with treats, and were clicked and treated for even touching the dog walk.  Again, no commands were given, pups were rewarded for offering the desired behavior.  Pups were exposed to being brushed and having their nails done with a grinder.   

     Our "Puppy Party" was an opportunity to have the litter evaluated by knowledgeable dog folks.  We put each puppy on the table and evaluated them from nose to tail according to the breed standard.  Our evaluation was based on the Pat Hastings method - 8 week old pups (plus or minus 3 days) have the conformation they will have as adults, barring injury or poor nutrition.  We had an extraordinary litter of fine puppies to evaluate.

     If you are interested in more information on Puppy Culture, go to www.puppyculture.com.

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