Blanche is fully recovered from her surgery and her coat is growing back on her sides and chest!

     Blanche turned one on October 25, 2018.  She had an eventful first year.  In June, she earned a Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test in Colorado.  In July, she made her first trips into the conformation ring during a three-day show in Casper, Wyoming.  She had fun in the ring and won Winners Bitch twice, for her first points.

     In August, Blanche suddenly became gravely ill. Our vet took an xray which showed Blanche's chest was full of fluid.  She was running a high fever and having difficulty breathing.  Our vet sent us to Colorado State University's veterinary teaching hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Within hours, the wonderful vets at CSU had determined that Blanche had a foreign body in her lung.  They performed a thoractomy and a lung lobectomy, removing the abscessed lobe in her lung where a tiny piece of plant matter she had inhaled had settled and caused all the problems.  She spent some time in the ICU unit, and was sent home with lots of meds to prevent pain and strict orders to limit activity.  The wonderful vets at CSU were very optimistic that Blanche would recover fully from this very intrusive surgery because of her youth and overall excellent health.

     Eight weeks after surgery, an xray showed that Blanche had healed beautifully and Blanche was released to her normal activities with her rough and tumble sisters.

     We are truly blessed to have our girl fully recovered and we're looking forward to getting her back into the show ring and running her in AKC junior hunter.

Aux Lake DD Du Bois at Lone Ridge

Very sick puppy in ICU at CSU.

We were so happy to be home 2 days after surgery!
Blanche pointing the neighbor's horse while on one of her slow-paced rehab walks, wearing a chest protector to cover her incision.